Sunday, June 8, 2008

DSR's Shipping & Handling Charges

In my experience I don't like the DSR's but I can see how it could be useful to help keep sellers on their toes. However, I think Shipping & Handling needs to be reformed. I usually don't charge enough to cover the shipping charges once you factor in paying 3.5% to Paypal and the material used to ship the items. The flaw is that I don't think buyers understand how expensive it is now to ship an item. I usually get marked down on the DSR's for my shipping charges. This is funny because I lose money on shipping. That is my gripe.

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Anonymous said...

Those shipping charges on the DSR ratings are killing my sales. I am a 99.9% rated gold power seller, and the DSR for shipping charges is killing my business. You are right that customers have very unrealistic expectations on what it costs to ship and item... Especially a large and heavy item.

My Ebay rep told me to offer free shipping and factor the shipping cost into the total cost of the item. So with that said I will be required to pay 15% more on the already seriously expensive shipping costs I/E ebay FVF charges. I hope and pray that Ebay will remove the DSR for shipping charges, as the seller really has no control over what UPS charges to ship a package.