Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ebay Snipe Programs

Why use a snipe program?

When an eBay auction is placed it usually does not end for days. One person places his maximum bid. Later another person comes along and bids until he is the highest bidder. During the course of an auction this process often repeats itself many times, it is known as a “bidding war” and it drives the price of an auction up.

To avoid the “bidding war” people have started bidding another way known as "snipe" or "sniping". They wait until the final moments of the auction to submit their bid. Doing this often ensures that they get the item at the lowest price possible, but there are problems with this method. The first problem is that you have to be online at the end of the auction, this can be a tremendous time waster. The second problem is that you also have to compete with others that may have a faster connection than you do. The process of placing the bid takes time so unless you time your bid just right, there is a good chance someone else will outbid you or time on the auction will run out.

We use Powersnipe they are the best that we have used.

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